Nature Quests

Being alone in nature provides the setting for stepping back and reflecting on our lives and our work. When met with an open heart it reminds us of our relationship with the natural world and it infuses us with perspective. We gain access to wisdom and personal guidance, just as our ancestors all around the Earth have done throughout human history.

Quests offer a unique opportunity to discover and explore our relationship to the greater circle of life. A nature quest creates a setting for you to relax, balance yourself and establish a deeper understanding of your inner and outer nature. The practice of solo retreats and fasting in nature, as a means to gain personal insights is an almost universal phenomenon for native peoples throughout human history. It helps pull us out of our ordinary daily routines, patterns of behaviour and ways to perceive ourselves and our surroundings. As such, it can serve as a powerful rite of passage in the crossroads of our lives, where we’re in need of guidance and new direction or a feeling of connectedness with something larger than our own story. It provides us an opportunity to let go of control and open up to the unknown. When we stand in the present moment and practice deep listening, we can embrace the magical story of existence unfolding in front of our eyes. We can learn to understand it’s teachings and gain access to its wisdom.

On a nature quest we’ll be camping out in nature along with a group of questers and guides for the duration of the experience. The first three days are a time of landing and for preparation before your personal fast in nature. We’ll be connecting with our intentions and personal stories, and we’ll build trust in each other as well as in ourselves in order to open to embracing the insights that await us on our quest. We’ll learn the necessary skills to ensure our personal safety in the outdoors. Through creative practices we’ll come to the present moment and open up our perceptions to see beyond the ordinary stories that occupy our mind’s eye. Awareness and sensory attunement skills will be among our supports in the process.

Retreating into the wild

It’s easy to forget that all of us are nature. Feeling it at the core of us and treating our surroundings like the relations they are is a thought often distant to the modern urbanite. Nonetheless restoring these relationships is at the heart of the crisis of separation that has created many of todays biggest challenges.

Nature Quests is one specific offering set to address these challenges at the core. Questing is an immersion into the soul of the planet in one of it’s remaining wildernesses. It transcends philosophical discussions and intellectual activities to help us feel our place in the natural world at our core.

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“I have felt extremely calm since the retreat. Walking in my own pace I have felt like a rock in a river. Everyone else pouring by me at a highly stressed pace and me moving slowly forward; like a glacier.”
– Marcus Degerman, Sweden
“Life-changing. The quest sent me on a journey of becoming someone else (or something so much more) than I was before.“
– Casper Bek, Denmark