What do I do?

My work addresses two key topics: Reconnecting man to the natural world, and addressing the cultural shift necessary for individuals to commit to their full potential for co-creating a sustainable future.

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I offer my services under four main branches:

Coaching – Personal, one-on-one leadership development -> my take on a more holistic approach to coaching.

Speaking – I lecture on key areas of interest; Education, innovation, ecological thinking, mindfulness in nature and personal leadership.

Facilitation – Workshops and facilitation for small or large groups from conferences over employee development seminars.

 Learning Journeys – The tailored approach to addressing organizational challenges, developing human resources or re-callibration of company strategy and vision.


Below are some examples of projects that I’ve launched in which I’ve used this skillset:

Education Revolution

A learning journey into the future of education and educational theory designed for people that work at different critical points within the educational system.


“Education Revolutions is a journey that
you can’t miss. It starts by visiting some
of the most innovative educations in Europe
and ends deep inside of yourself. If you want
to travel to extraordinary places and find out
about different educational models I strongly 
recommend it. If you are looking for a more
intense journey of learning and self-knowledge
I recommend it even more. In fact, don’t miss the
Education Revolutions under any circumstances!
It’s worth every minute, every cent!”
– Mauricio Escobar, Partner, Ânima Group, Brazil



A personal development program based on indigenous rites of passage. Designed to give people space and time to view their current life choices from “outside” the sphere of culture that makes up our everyday lives. Cultivating mindfulness and presence and launching you into your full potential.


“Life-changing. The quest sent me
on a journey of becoming someone
else (or something so much more)
than I was before.“
– Casper Bek, Denmark


The Youth and Elders Project

A dialog project exploring a Western understanding of mature development and the terms Youth and Elders. The project asks questions such as; what is true Eldership? How do we learn how to consciously move towards greater levels of maturity as we grow up? And what would be the implications of a culture that honours the wisdom of Eldership?

“An adventure in all senses of the word!”
– Deirdre Tunney, Ireland